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The digital
3D stereo colposcope!


Düsseldorf Colposcopy Advanced Course with examination for the colposcopy diploma.

We will be represented in the premises of  the Dorint Kongresshotel in Düsseldorf, Germany Neuss from 20. – 21. Mai 2022.


WILD Colpo
The digital 3D stereo video colposcope!

Modular design

The WILD COLPO, consisting of a roll stand with vision PC and handle, can be individually configured using the following modular systems:

Modularer Aufbau

Das WILD COLPO, bestehend aus Rollenstativ mit Vision-PC und Handgriff, kann durch folgende modulare Systeme individuell konfiguriert werden:

Visualization systems

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  • Monitor: 3D-Full HD / UHD (4K)
  • Use with or without 3D glasses (autostereoscopic)
  • Monitor: 2D-Full HD / UHD (4K) for the patient for co-observation or debriefing of the examination
  • Digital binoculars: digital images per display for each eye enable stereoscopic vision
  • Heads-Up-Display glasses: object field is faded in transparently; simultaneous stereoscopic observation of real object and digital image

Control panel

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  • Foot pedal (optional)

Construction and mounting variants

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  • Individual assembly on roller stand
  • Attachment to existing examination chair (individual solution)

Documentation and communication

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  • Interface to practice software

  • Telemedicine

Stereo Camera Unit

convergent arrangement of both cameras allows stereoscopic viewing at a working distance between 270 mm and 330 mm

Clock Face

  • digital dial for clear localization and documentation of findings
  • image storage possible with or without digital dial

Quarter Zoom

current image is quartered and image quarter is displayed with double magnification

Autofocus (AF) and manual focus

fast focusing due to latest
Liquid Lens Technology

Individual mounting solution

  • Ergonomic upright and back-friendly working posture
  • Protection of the patient’s privacy by keeping the camera unit at a distance from the visualization system due to the digital path, i.e. avoiding frontal position of the professional staff and creating an atmosphere of trust
  • Five predefined magnification levels with quick selection
  • Evaluation of stored images in raw data format max. 18 megapixels (RAW)


white light and other light colors (digital color filter) dynamically adjustable

Monitor presentation

  • in real time (refresh rate max. 50 frames/sec.)
  • with picture-in-picture display for continuous orientation during the examination
  • magnification 3x to 15x through digital zoom